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To be Needed

November 22, 2011

On Saturday, the hubs, my kids and I headed out to the zoo.  We had driven about 15 minutes before both of my kids were whiny.  #1 said ” Mom, I need to play with your hair.”  So I climbed into the back seat and literally had to wriggle my behind in between the car seats.  #1 grabbed my hair and #2 grabbed my hand.  I resigned myself to an uncomfortable 30 more minutes on the road.  My husband looked back and said ” Doesn’t it feel good to be needed.”

And then it all changed.

I LOVE that my little boys need me.  ME.

I remember after I had my #1, I was in the hospital, recovering miserably and all I wanted was my mom.

Now, I am that.  I am who these little boys want when they are lonely, sad, scared, sick, tired, hungry, upset, excited… pretty much most of the time.  Unless they want to wrestle.  Then they want dad.

So, to be needed is one of the greatest, most fulfilling aspects of being a mom.

I am going to try to remember that the next time one of them calls to me from the bathroom…



November 22, 2011

We love chocolate!

Today I malnourished my children.  Here is how the day went:

Meal #1 Doughnuts… from the Doughnut Man!

Meal #2 Ice Cream… from Handel’s ( voted #1 in the WORLD my nat geo)

Snack: Brownie dough and Reese’s

Meal #: Actually a well-rounded dinner… followed by more BROWNIES… my favorite recipe!

 While there was a lot of junk, I did make sure it was only the most quality junk food I could find.  Only the best for my kids.

So glad that tomorrow is  a new day.  I will be sure to add some other food groups tomorrow.

Boredom Buster #2

November 21, 2011

We call this game Crazy Balloon.  It is a lot of fun and will occupy your kids for at least 15 minutes… or until you pass out from blowing up balloons!


November 14, 2011

Boredom Buster #1

November 11, 2011

The kids are bored.  So are you.  You need something… anything to occupy the time. 

We solved this problem one afternoon with a basket of clean, folded socks.

It first started out as a game to see who could get the most socks into the basket.  Then, it quickly turned into a full-blown SOCK WAR!

It was a blast. Those moments when you can forget you are an adult and run around with your kids are priceless.  I am not sure who had more fun – me or the kids. 

And just like that 30 minutes, down. Don’t forget the sock pick up challenge.  That might even buy you some time to start dinner! 

Try it.

Two Strikes

November 9, 2011

I had two experiences today that made me question my abilities as a mother.

Experience #1:  At the park today, Luke ate an ABC piece of gum… that was stuck to the ground.  Gross.

Experinece #2:  Driving home this evening, Ryan starting whining, ” I need Diet Coke”.  Oh man. 

And I let my children run around the park in their underwear!

Pre-Dinner Blues

November 8, 2011

Is it just me or do the hours between 4 and 6 pm pass more slowly than the rest of the hours?  The kids are tired and hungry.  I am out of ideas for the day.   And, if I am honest with myself, I have my sights set on bed time.  I think that is where most of the trouble is. Whenever I am focused on me and what I want, my attitude is not quite right. So, this week I am going to try to get over that pre-dinner blues by specifically planning a little something to pass the time.  Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Quick trip to the park
  2. A short errand – anything too long and the kids fall apart
  3. Bike ride/walk
  4. Fast Boredom Buster – post about that coming soon
  5. Tv time.  Sometimes I try to save tv time for these hours.
  6. Work on dinner together
  7. Dance Party

What do you do to help get yourself through those lagging hours?


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